Specials: Monday, April 27th through Saturday, May 2nd

Pawleys Weekly Specials - Appetizers


Chicken Sliders: Fried chicken, mustard BBQ sauce, and fried jalapeños

Pawleys Weekly Specials - Burgers

Burger Special

Juicy Lucy: 8oz cheddar and jalapeño-infused patty, fried jalapeños, jalapeño bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion served on a brioche bun

Pawleys Weekly Specials - Sides and Dessert


Fried Banana Split

SIDE: Buck's Homemade Coleslaw

Pawleys Weekly Specials - Sandwich

Sandwich Special

Southwest Sizzler Sandwich: Blackened chicken breast, black bean corn salsa, sweet chipotle mayo, lettuce, onion, and tomato and pepper jack cheese; your choice of side